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What users think about DeadLine

"What an amazingly beautiful program. As an engineer, I can appreciate the effort you put into this program, and the outstanding results."

"A friend of mine told me about DeadLine, so I tried it short time ago - and IT'S GREAT!!"

"Many thanks from a thankful teacher."

"Thank you for a wonderful Math tool! I used DeadLine all the time for my homework in Calculus."

"DeadLine is a wonderful tool for solving algebraic equations, graphing and evaluating them. Most impressive. Say 'Ah', after looking at some pictures of equations you like best."

"This program focuses on one task - finding numerical roots of mathematical equations - and it does so very well. I use if often because it's small, fast and convenient particularly when I need a simple graph of a function along with its roots to insert or paste into a class handout."

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