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Evaluating functions and derivatives

Calculate the value of a function and the value of the first two derivatives in an x-point.

You can type complicated expressions that include trigonometric functions, hyperbolic or exponential functions and they will be evaluated instantly and accurately.

Tip. A downsized version of this feature can be found in any project window. You can evaluate the current function and the first derivative in any point from the current interval by clicking inside the graph.

Equation solving

Solve equations graphically and numerically.

DeadLine automatically displays all the real roots of the equation in a scrollable list. If you want to see a root on the graph, select it in the list.

Evaluate functions, plot graphs
Solve equations with parameters

Now you can change the interval, change the precision of the graph and save the results.

Plot graphs

How to adjust the precision of the graph

Plot graphs in full-screen view

How to save graphs

Plot parametric graphs

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